We are Iconics

Legendary icons of the sports and entertainment world. We all know them. They play on the dream stage and get the most out of their careers. Do you want to become such an icon as well? You won't be able to do this without an ambitious team. Iconics Management helps you perform at the top of your abilities.

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For athletes and artists

Iconics Management supports athletes and artists in their careers. Whether you want to play in the Dutch national team or dream of performing on the stage of your dreams, we will take steps towards your ultimate goal together. This requires motivation, rest and focus. This is why we provide a strong foundation. From salary negotiations and sponsorship deals to extra coaching, with our knowledge and experience, we arrange everything you need to grow successfully.

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We consider every collaboration very thoroughly: do we form a good team? This is an essential condition because we are the agent and confidant simultaneously. We know your environment, have an international network and create opportunities. We do this with awareness of the person behind the talent. We look at what would be best for your development and give advice on how to achieve your goals. This is how you get the most out of your career. On your own terms.

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